Casa Come Me

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This website describes the architect Adalberto Libera who came up with the original designs for Casa Malaparte.

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This article gives a biography of Curzio Malaparte's life including his major achievements and his home, Casa Malaparte.


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        This book is an in-depth examination of Casa Malaparte. It contains a collection of legal documents and personal letters written to and by Malaparte regarding the construction of Casa Malaparte, as well as plans, elevations, sections, and other drawings and photographs of the house.


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This novel features numerous influential houses of the twentieth century. It delves into the biographical background of the architects and their designs. As well as providing technical drawings of plans, sections, elevations and site plans. The section detailing "Casa Malaparte" includes background information on Curzio Malaparte and Adalberto Libera. This novel also describes the nature of the form and delves into the metaphysical reasoning behind the physical characteristics of the home, including symbolism.


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"House by Lucio Rosato, Riparo Bardella di Ortona, Italy" was an article which discusses a piece of architecture built between 2000-2006; this is a building is often compared to Casa Malaparte. Comparing the similarities and differences between both structures, i shows how Malaparte influenced architects and the way in which the design even decades later.

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This is an article taken from the online magazine, Domus, titled "Adalberto Libera'a Villa Malaparte". It was originally written by John Hejduk and published in April 1980. 
Including a description of the artistic artifacts found in the home, there are multiple, well photographed images of the interior and exterior. Hejduk's article focuses on describing the forms and design choices that were made when creating the building (Hejduk makes references to Ancient Egypt and Terza Roma, Libera's other monument).

23. Wiel Arets,"Casa Come Me."
        Curzio Malaparte describes his experience showing Field Marshal Rommel around Casa Malaparte (in his novel La pelle). The article also discusses the various rooms and what it feels like to move in and around the house. In addition, it is an analyzed piece about Malaparte himself, his character and how the person he was influenced the building.

Other muses

1. McDonough, Michael. (1999). Malaparte: A House Like Me. New York: Clarkson Potter/Publishers.
         McDonough wrote this book in compressing his experience with the life and work of Curzio Malaparte, with which he familiarized himself through numerous travels, documents, meetings, archival searches, telephone calls, emails, web browsing, and reading, as well as several visits to Casa Malaparte. The book examined the character of Malaparte as well as his house through several different aspects. A portion of the proceeds from this publication goes to the Casa Malaparte Foundation, as McDonough hopes to raise the public’s awareness of the Foundation’s activities and to develop the house into a cultural center.

2. Mical, Thomas. Surrealism and Architecture. New York: Routledge, 2005.

        This book describes the connections between Casa Malaparte and Surrealism as well as many other important buildings. Mical outlines the influences of surrealist art and literature on mnay examples of modern architecture including Casa Malaparte.
3.  Davies, Colin. (2006). Key Houses of the Twentieth Century : Plans, Sections and Elevations. Laurence King Publishing Ltd, London, 2006. plans of malaparte&source=bl&ots=-XpA_4SC0z&sig=Ee9GHNRx3h7feGXMLgbCZh__kfg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ZhXEUMb7FonE2wW1i4DgAQ&ved=0CEYQ6AEwBg

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